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For help, two smiling people take the word ZSAM.org as a platform, close to a big tree, so one can pick a big juicy red apple, formed like a heart, to gives it to the other person.

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Like this page and write "Summer ZSAM", you receive EUR 20,-! Until 15th June! On 25th June 2014, we pick one winner! Good luck to you!
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More Winners

New evidence that smoking kills: Brother of Camilla Parker Bowles, Mark Shand, left house to smoke, slipped and died!
Counterfeit cigarettes from abroad are contaminated!

yummy: counterfeit drugs from the internet from abroad can include rat droppings, road paint, furniture polish, etc. - Bon appétit!
Oh! I forgot the diet pills, filled with nutritious cement and a spicy rat shat!

Child dies of lung cancer, because of smoking parents!

Mobile Phone Driver kills Child!
Watched the phone, not the street!

Car drivers die, because manufacturer wanted to save $ 1,-!

Legalizing Marijuana?
I think the state goes crazy! First I shall buy the grass and the state earns himself richy rich stupid on my paid taxes! And then I shall die on cancer by smoking, hopefully very early, that the state gets my whole pension! And then, because smoking pot makes my brain dumb like alcohol, I shall consume and be quiet on the states again and again produced dump, like a sheep on the grass - baa! Not really, huh!? Dear state, bite me! You can take your stupid drugs and put it in your underpants! :-D

Social Coldness:
You can already notice the social coldness very hard! I was looking for a blind woman a home, but the contacted real estate brokers didn't write back!
And then she also has been robbed!
Day care centers were closed due to strike on the backs of single mothers, who are already disadvantaged massively in their jobs, I personally find this very reckless, almost anti-social!

In the near future, a blood test will detect whether a person has too less serotonin and thereby suffers from depression!

"Is it true, that customers, who complain a product in an large consumer electronics store chain, are threatened with referral to psychiatric ward?!"
"In some cases, YES!"

"I "hate" Microsoft's mail server LIVE / HOTMAIL! Mails from major companies are placed in junk space and if you don't revisit within 10 days, because Windows Live Mail doesn't download, they will be erased!
At least httpS://
And what is your mail server doing?!
Warning! Windows Live Mail is EXPIRED! NO updates anymore!"

Updates until:
Operating Systems Microsoft:
Windows 10: will be EXPIRED on October 14, 2025
Windows 7: EXPIRED on January 14, 2020
Windows Vista: EXPIRED on April 11, 2017
Windows XP EXPIRED on April 8, 2014
Microsoft Browsers: Internet Explorers 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10: EXPIRED use: Edge!

Don't visit the internet with Android 6.0.0 or lower, because: NO UPDATES! Is a HIGH SAFETY RISK!
Massive attacks on 4 and 5! Therefore, Google updated 4, 5 and 6 in October 2017!
Software-Support at least 18 months!

"We are getting some rich and powerful on the wrong side! For example here. Please don't forget us when they destroy us."

Pope Francis: "vicinanza et misericordia" = "vicinity and mercy"

"I was so angry about a producer of pumpkin with cranberry, who has 200% of recommended daily allowance of vitamins. Until I saw another manufacturer, who has 1000%. Are they insane, wants the food INDUSTRY to poison us all?! YES!"

"The EU wants open borders, because a robbed society has to go shopping and that boosts the economy.
Or the arrogant politicians, in their secured penthouses, don't give a shi...ne to the little people on the streets."

At the crossroad:
-Driver stabs tailgater down!
-Thief grabs laptop from passenger seat!
"That's the reason, why I keep doors locked while driving and do no tailgating!"
At the parking lot, involved in conversation and be stolen valuables!
"That's the reason, why I close doors first and then I'm chatting!"

"Dear car manufacturer! Please set the seat belts on the back seat not so far into the rear window area. Or produce it longer. The poor children being really squashed in the safe child seats with safety pillow! It is your responsibility for the young generation!"

"Dear car drivers! All children, even with parents, are excluded from the trust principle!"

"Yes indeed, Eva Longoria is rightly voted by MAXIM to the woman of the year ... buhahaha :-D"

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