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Dear Ladies! A true Gentleman doesn't make nude shots of his girlfriend, because he knows, that they could get lost in the World Wide Web !!!
Don't send nude pictures, or you'll be blackmailed!
The internet never forgets!

I have used always the escalator. But a friend with her guide dog for the blind needs the elevator. I was astonished how many healthy people can be crowd in an elevator. Staying and waiting must be the handicaped people: the blind, invalids, wheelchair users, people with baby buggy. We complain about the reckless bankers, managers, rich, but we are not able to use the escalator and leave the elevator to people, who really need them?!?

You can already notice the social coldness very hard! I was looking for a blind woman a home, but the contacted real estate brokers didn't write back!
And then she also has been robbed!!!

Legalizing Marijuana? I think the state goes crazy!
First I shall buy the grass and the state earns himself richy rich stupid on my paid taxes! And then I shall die on cancer by smoking, hopefully very early, that the state gets my whole pension! And then, because smoking pot makes my brain dumb like alcohol, I shall consume and be quiet on the states again and again produced dump, like a sheep on the grass - baa! Not really, huh!? Dear state, bite me! You can take your stupid drugs and put it in your underpants! :-D


The most beautiful thing in sex is not only the orgasm, it is the whole act of love.

The True Love does not care about weight, height, age, tattoos, scars ...

For me, sex without Love is a total no-go!
Also, steal the girlfriend of another man!

Some men search for women from the East (beautiful, perfect and only available for this one man, not allowed to have female friends). I search for a woman, even with blemishes and without silicone in breast (each surgery is a trauma to your body), because that is the spice of life.

Life without Love is like a car without an engine.

Dear ladies, please do not 'pluck to death' your eyebrows. There are men like me who love the natural -without any make-up- beauty of a woman.

Which man would you prefer?
Man1: "Honey, shave your legs, you look like a grizzly bear, then we can have sex."
Man2: "Honey, I desire you overly! Can we make love?"
Woman: "Yes, but unfortunately, I am not already shaved."
Afterwards, there was no more conversation, because Man2 covered the woman with hot kisses and caresses ...

First, I pay attention to the charisma: eyes and smile, only then I look within two seconds, which is extremely short, at the rest of the body. But, I am honesty, 50% from these 2 seconds are taken for the decollete.
But for a long relationship, only the whole package counts: charisma, voice, laugh, character, appearance, libido.


Sigmund Freud and Martin at Madame Tussauds in Vienna, in Austria. On the left side sits relaxed Sigmund Freud. Martin lies on the right side on a couch with mouth wide open and holds frantically with both hands his throat.

Martin: "Siggi! I have a frog in my throat!!!"
Siggi: "I'm with you. Tell me about the relationship to your mother."

Martin: "Some say, I would be stupid, but hardworking. Others say, I would be smart, but lazy!"
Siggi: "In the middle is the truth."
Martin: "Maybe therefore, I have a split personality?!"
Siggi: "Maybe. But tell me more about the relationship to your mother."

Martin: "Some say, I would be beautiful, others say, I would be ugly!"
Siggi: "Thats right."
Martin: "What?!"
Siggi: "All. And now tell me more about the relationship to your ..."
Martin: "Mother?"
Siggi: "No, father."
Martin: "Oh.
As he, I like to drink, eat and to burp."
Siggi: "I understand."
Martin: "Ah! I've forgot the flatulence!"
Siggi: "Well, sometimes it might be also very important."
Martin: "Sometimes?!?

Siggi: "Now, lets talk about ..."
Martin: "Sex?"
Siggi: "Right. You have some?"
Martin: "Yes."
Siggi: "Tell me about the relationship to your girlfriend."
Martin: "At the moment, there is no woman in my life."
Siggi: "Why not?"
Martin: "I work the whole day to earn money, that I have plenty to offer for a woman."
Siggi: "Due to the fact that you work the whole day to earn money, that you have plenty to offer for a woman, you have no time to search for a woman."
Martin: "Correct."
Siggi: "I understand. Now tell me about the relationship from your mother to your father."

Martin: "Two really found each other. She hits him and he hits her."
Siggi: "I understand. And how are you with that?"
Martin: "Like most people, I somehow hit my way through life. But I never forget the sense of humor and humanity."
Siggi: "Humor and humanity are very important in life."
Martin: "Am I healed now?"
Siggi: "Haven't even started yet."


Vita 2017
My motto in life: Positive thinking people create great things!

Vita 2016
Don't waste time on the past or you'll miss the Present!

Vita 2014
I would never make my success more than a friendship!
Because that brings no luck!

Only when I'm dead, I give up ;-)

You worry about your many past mistakes? Don't worry, there will come a lot more! ;-)

Unawareness and Misery are obstructive to a free and active democracy.

When I don't win the lottery jackpot, I know, winning the jackpot isn't my way.

I am a perfectionist. But everything I do isn't perfect. Because nothing is 100% perfect!

Do you know a "life tired survival artist"? ;-)

Don't worry, I still have a lot of secrets!

I'm an open book, that is tightly closed!

It is in your hand, I hope, it is washed!

Vita 2012
I'm a man, you can talk seriously.
Don't laugh!!!

In a previous life I was the best healer, but then came Jesus and ruined my business ;-)

If I would say, don't trust me, I am a liar, so that would be also a lie and finally you can trust me, right?

I am the greatest genius in the whole wide worlt!!!
Punchline discovered?

I am just a little tiny sand grain, that is burning terrible in eyes!

You are victim of a crime! I have robbed you! 5 minutes of your life!
Thank you very much for your visit!
At the next visit you can stay of course for a longer time!!!

Unmotivated motivator seeking for motivated motivator to bring back motivation.

Confused? Me too!

Your Martin

("Vita" is Latin for life)
on tombstone: rest in peace ... and he is still pondering!
No, no! Don't worry! I am alive !!!
News 2020
I saw a woman walking away from me with a stroller and newly bought baby shoes lying on the street. I ran after the woman and she was happy when I brought her shoes.

News 2016
I offered to Santa's helper to take him with me in my car!
Waiting at the cash desk and let 2 people go first.
And because the poor cashier didn't have enough small change, I donated her small change!

News 2014

 18. October
Baby spat over the whole mother's arm.
Helplessly she stood.
I took a tissue and wiped it away. What's wrong with me?!

 22. May
On a very windy day:
A mother was looking for her son's sun hat. Without saying anything, I ran back almost half a kilometer, noticed the hat on the road, and ran after the mother, who had already stopped her search and moved on. The son and his sister looked at me scrutinizingly while the mother thanked me and put his hat on and tied it with ribbons.

What's wrong with me?!
Waiting at the cash desk, let 5! people behind me go first to the supermarket checkout.

Don't mess with the Martin!
The saleswoman wanted to donate me 20.00,- -she had miscalculated-!
But not with me! HA!
She must have been confused by my charm ;-) Although I didn't say anything!!!

NEW Youtube Video: The comment by government on spy crisis to the world!

Facebook always asks: "What are you doing?"
My answer: "Ask yet the NSA!"

News 2013
Fortunately I always drive very carefully, and so I haven't a cat and children with bikes roadkilled!

I pay no green power levy, I just take the power from my neighbor!

I'm going to fly into outer space too, but I buyed a one-way ticket, so I saved 50%!

I stood at the train station but not the train, was delayed for another hour, I asked a man and a woman to drive with me in my car to the next metro station, 20 minutes away. Then we went to third and all were happy.

Two young men passed all the waiting people, to become first in elevator. But the destiny said: "No, thanks" and closed doors so fast, that one of these young guys has almost smushed between the doors! Yes, I am not kidding!
But in fact, someone in elevator pushed the "close the door" button, because, only three persons and not eight were in there! And that happens, when people are not looking at the arrow head! If the arrow head displays down, the elevator moves down ... displays up ... moves up ... And without looking at the arrow head, you make a little annoying drive more!
So you can see, everyone gets justiced by life, some earlier, some later!

I was shopping and left my place for another person, who was carrying less.
The saleswoman was counting just 1x1.89 and not 2x1.89 but I left the store. No, just kidding! I showed her the mistake.

In solidarity for stupid, reckless egoists, we will take out, on 29th February 2017, our brains!
Who's with us?

News 2012
The ideas bakery Geier ( in Strasshof has NO Drive-in ... (Leider finde ich nicht mehr die Bilder, die zeigen, wie ein Auto mit der Motorhaube in eine Geier-Filiale hineinkrachte.
More crashes on Forum

I can watch this movie again and again and again: "Blind Side" with Sandra Bullock ... find more movierecommendations.

Maya 2012
With this great song, I already look forward to the end of the world!!!
"The Last Summer" (German)

an eternal classic

I am in hospital. I pray to God, that I will survive.
Not the sickness! The hospital !!!
I'm out there -thanks God- the new patients stood already around my bed !!! ;-)

Now I have the chronicles on Facebook too. But the chronicles, which lead me to the lost treasure of gold, I would prefer much more !!! :-D

Money has to be invested to create new jobs, but not through speculation robbing others!
Derivatives (values ??that exist only on paper) are 20 times higher than the actually generated values of the whole world!!!

Humankind becomes creeping more intelligent.
I have that behind me.

Dear Mrs. Mini-Cooper driver, while you sped away with well over 60km/h, I drove the allowed 50km/h and stood after 3km, at a red light, behind you.

Best wishes
Notice to myself:
Don't talk, just act!

Never speak your ideologies in public! Unless you would like to have an angry mob of permanent Blinders-Thinkers!
Addition: When we would never run a risk, we would still live in caves!

Notice to myself (2012)
are you rich, powerful, tall and strong, but you don´t support the poor and the weak, so you don't have honor!

Yes, it´s true: "who breaks, loses."
But it is also true: "who doesn't take a break, becomes an overheat and will never reach the aim."

Please, no more notices!

Don´t publish this side!


"Forget the happened, or let yourself eat by it."
I life and work in the present.
Helped women with baby buggy to board (train, tram, ...): 16

Stopped at the zebra crossing to allow a person (e.g. a woman with a stroller) to safely cross the street from left to right meanwhile 6-12 drivers of the contraflow didn't stopped and I had to wait until a driver finally obeyed the law and stopped: 3 times

Complained at the cash register because a product was NOT charged: 5 times

4 people behind me let go first to the supermarket checkout: 2 times
3 people behind me let go first to the supermarket checkout: 3 times
people behind me let go first to the supermarket checkout in total: 200+ times

Helped people to carry, for example suitcases (from the train): 6

Strangers picked up in my car: 4 (2 on same day, because the railway has canceled 2 trains. I carried my 2 fellow sufferers 25 minutes to the next Metro station).

It's just awesome to help people and God seems to like it as well.

Finally, an outrageously cheap offer:
For a ridiculous million, I compose you a one-sided study!