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This disclaimer of liability shall be deemed as read and understood even if you do not take the time to read it or have not understood it immediately upon doing any of the actions described below.
All of the content on this website has been created conscientiously and to the best of my knowledge.
It does not knowingly violate applicable EU law.

Links to external websites

-General declaration:

.) All external websites belong in their entirety to their respective owners. The owners are responsible for the contents of their websites.
.) I am in no way claiming that their content is mine.
.) Opinions, statements, etc., published on these external websites do not necessarily represent my opinions, beliefs, etc.
.) I make links to a single page of an external websites to make them available to a wider audience because I find them personally important, or because they are of potential relevance to others or might be more difficult to find through search engines.
.) I do not currently receive any money from the owners of these external websites.

-Disclaimer of liability:

.) When I first link to an external site, it is checked only momentarily to ensure that the external link to the site functions, does not contain any obviously illegal content and whether my anti-virus program warns me against the site's content. Therefore, I cannot be held responsible for anything that happens to this external site after this review.
.) Because I only look at a single page without clicking on any further links, I assume liability neither for any clickable content (images, texts, internal/external links, etc.) or other pages such as may be found on this site.
.) I am not responsible for damage caused by malware inflicted by visitors to such sites on themselves by downloading the content of external websites.
.) I am not responsible for grammar, spelling errors, accuracy of external websites nor whether their content is kept up-to-date.
.) Unfortunately, despite great precautions and security measures, it is sometimes impossible to keep fully malicious programs (viruses, Trojan horses, etc.) away from a website. As there are many ways to hack a supposedly secure site, I disclaim any and all liability for damage suffered to your hardware or software caused by following a link on my site to an external site that has been affected.
.) Some owners of external websites offer services for payments. I disclaim any responsibility for the provision of such services, either for payment or not; I am likewise not responsible for the smooth processing of any business transaction.
.) I am not liable for the protection of data that others provide to owners of external websites.

Disclaimer of liability

.) I am not liable for any damages caused by the fact you do not speak German well enough or otherwise fail to heed my warnings and disclaimers herein or any other such probable or highly improbable warnings or disclaimers that may not be stated here, but which would otherwise be logical and may be added at a later date.
.) If one publishes this text in whole or in part and receives complaints of any kind and at any level, I assume no liability.
.) In addition, I am not liable for any time that you may have lost by reading this disclaimer.
.) I am also not liable for grammar or spelling errors herein, nor for the accuracy of the content or for its being up-to-date. All statements, content, information, opinions contained herein are personal and without any specific, state-accredited educational background.
In short: No liability for any information contained herein.

.) I am also not liable for errors, such as: "Page not found".
.) I am not liable for damages suffered by you when you became so dizzy when reading this disclaimer that you fall off your chair.
.) Of course, I am also not liable for damages caused to hardware and software while surfing my website, if the malicious program has clearly made its way to your computer through a security gap in the server hosting this site or otherwise has been unwittingly uploaded by me to my provider's server. I am also not liable for damages caused to hardware and software if you have not set the security settings on your browser high enough or if your browser is not up-to-date, as well as any programs you may use, if you have not correctly set them up, updated them as required or perhaps are already damaged and are therefore not functioning correctly.
.) All customers of the free offers (such as domain, web space, .) are responsible for their own published websites. Should I learn of any illegal activities, the offending website will be deleted immediately without consultation with the respective owner.

-Further statements:

.) If you have concerns, please don't click on anything.
.) If you do not agree with the statements and disclaimers described herein, I politely urge you to leave the website immediately; otherwise, your continued use of the site means you accept these statements and disclaimers.
.) Even if liability for certain areas is not specifically excluded herein, I disclaim all liability for such areas, even if applicable EU law means that this disclaimer of this not previously disclaimed liability applies if I am not expressly required to disclaim such liability prior to publishing a website so that this disclaimer of liability for this liability be effective.
.) The invalidity of one or more provisions shall not affect the validity of the remaining disclaimer.
.) This disclaimer may not be adversely used against the author/publisher.
.) EU law applies to this website, even if accessed from another country.
.) The place of jurisdiction is always in the immediate vicinity of the publisher.
.) Any grounds for disclaiming liability do not lose their disclaiming effect just because they were formulated incorrectly.
.) All images, text, links, media such as audio, video, etc., colours, fonts, languages, dialects, characters & special characters, file formats, etc., website templates, software/programming languages used to create this website and its contents, guidelines for internet browsing and everything else that I cannot remember at this time belong to their owners and may only be used, copied, reproduced, modified, published, disseminated, etc. with their permission.
.) By using the website, you automatically waive the right to take legal action against the owner. If you nonetheless initiate legal action against the owner, this is a clear breach of contract which will lead to legal action being taken against you. Excluded from this right is, of course, if the owner knowingly violates EU law.
.) Applies to all our social media sites (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter ...): opinions of our followers and those we follow, are not our opinions!

Data Protection

.) I am not knowingly collecting any personal information from you at this time.
.) I DON'T use Trackers & Cookies.


.) I, the current owner of www.ZSAM.org have written this declaration myself and am therefore the sole author/owner of this disclaimer statement as stipulated in copyright law.
.) I have not knowingly defamed anyone in this declaration.
.) All of the content on this website has been created conscientiously and to the best of my knowledge.
.) I have not knowingly violated applicable EU law.
.) I can at any time without further notice delete/modify the contents of this website in part or in whole, which may result in previous content losing its significance.
.) All gender designations used herein are absolutely gender neutral and refer to all genders, races, skin colour, national origins, religions, clothing, etc.
.) Although some points might appear satirical and exaggerated - because of the very expensive adhortatory letter madness of SOME greedy lawyers - all of the points listed here are meant absolutely seriously and therefore do not lose their character as disclaimer!

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.) Copying and distributing this disclaimer notice in whole or in part is only permitted if you
  1.) have asked my permission and I have granted it.
  2.) link to the author of this disclaimer at www.ZSAM.org.
  3.) mark in red, italic font any parts that you subsequently added and or changed.
.) You may, however, create a link to this disclaimed without having to ask and without bringing any legal problems upon yourself. All of the statements and disclaimers set forth herein, provided that they are applicable and truthful to the content of other websites, mutatis mutandis and truthfully, shall apply accordingly.
.) For breaches of the points listed above, I reserve the right to take legal action against you.

Kind regards
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