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Batman and Robin versus Master World - Comic: inclusive text for people with impaired vision / blind

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Titel: "Batman and Robin versus Master World"
Master World is smoking a big cigarette, long like two ananas.
He has hairs like spaghetti and a mouth like a banana.
Hm, why I become so hungry now?
Master World: "First, I sell my cigarettes very cheap. And then, when all people are addicted to my drugs in my cigarettes, sucking like little babies, I will rise horrorably the prices, so they will sell me all there worldly goods, even their lemonade stands, and Gotham City, no Town, no ... um, City was right, will be mine!" Ha, Ha, Ha etc.
Cough! Groan! Cough! "Stupid ..." Master World spit out two green pieces "... cough candies!"
Batman: "Not as long we can prevent! Right, Robin?"
Robin: "Right, Batman!"
Master World: "Oh! My beloved duo, the dynamic stupids!
What can I do for you, my enemies?!"
Robin: "First, take a spray for your mouth, you smell like hell, after smoking so much!"
Batman: "And second, give up smoking and your plan to grap Gotham City! Because, both will harm you deeply!"
Master World: "Ok, you you've convinced me. And as a good will, I give you my last cigarette pack.
Hm! Where is it?! I hope, I haven't forget it in my other city conquering outfit.
Ah, no! There it is!"
He pushes a button - click - very quietly, behind his back.
Robin: "I got the bad feeling, he has an evil plan!"
Batman: "Me too, Robin, me too!"
Master World: "Ah! There it is!"
From up is coming a big cigarette pack.
Oh no! I can't watch this!
Master World: "Now, you are flat! Nobody survives my hundred percent and twenty-ton nicotine bomb. Ha, Ha, Ha etc."
Batman: "But we do! With the help of our Bat-Pressure-Lifter."
The big and heavy cigarette pack is lifting.
Batman and Robin look like Pizzas!
Master World: "Oh!"
Robin: "And with the help of the Mini-Bat-Air-Pressure-Compressors ..."
Hoot! Clatter! Pump!
Master World: "Whew!"
Batman: "... we get back our size ..."
Robin and Batman at the same time: "NOW!"
Master World screams long: "NO!
Well! You dynamic, annoying like butt-adhesive and always recurring pimple! It is time to erase you permanently. Because I've just no eraser at hand, I present you my legion of lung killers!"
He pushes a button again - click
Master World: "Note to smokers, among the readers. Better you look away, or you will slobber on the comic."
A horde of three metre long cigarettes are going to attack the dynamic duo!
Robin: "Oh no, Batman, what shall we do!"
Batman: "Even if I regret it very much, because it is cruel, there is no other choice, I have to use ... the Bat-Flamethrower!"
The horde of three metre long cigarettes are going to burn.
Robin: "Look Batman! The blue haze of nicotine!"
Batman: "Quick, put on the Bat-Breathing-Mask!
Or we are addicted forever by Master World's drugs!"
Robin: "Holy, unpeeled mackerel! Master World's disappeared into thin air!"
Batman: "Indeed, Robin, indeed. But don't fear. If my calculations are correct, he will be soon in our power."
Master World in the darkness: "Stupid Batman, switched off my lights! I can't see my way!
Ah, what's this?! A door! Perfect!
I've lost the battle, but finally I win the war - Ha, Ha, Ha etc.
iiii CLASH! A door is closing behind Master World.
WHAT ?! ?! ?!
NOOOO etc. !!!
Master World is trapped in the Bat-Prisoners-Transporter.
Narrator: "Batman and Robin, our superheroes, have triumphed over the evil once again. Who can stop this dynamic duo at all? I think no one!
And Master World?
Master World was ..."
Master World interrupts narrator: "That was really not my day! Honestly!"
Narrator: "Quiet Master World! Now I'm talking!
So, Master World was sentenced to ... smoke all his cigarettes."
Master World counts: "Two million three hundred thousand and one". Behind him is a big wall of all his cigarettes.
Batman: "Dear friends! Whether it's cigarettes, alcohol, drugs from the internet, real estate, stocks, jewelry, or other products. Please, be always on guard, because people like Master World could be behind it! All the best to You! Your dynamic duo."
Robin: "We believe very strongly in You, that You're doing the right."


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