No joke! The Wink Smiley is patented!!! Lets get ready to rumble is patented! A band name is patented! The HAPPY BIRTHDAY-Song is patented! They steal all our cultural heritage! And then, we the people, have just to eat old newspapers! This is madness ... copyright-madness!!!

Write your review right!
write generelly:
positive: "I like the service / product ..."
negative: "I don't like the service / product ..."
You have to be able to prove all your allegations. If not, you need a lot of money for claims for compensation!

124 Car drivers die, because manufacturer wanted to save $ 1,- !!!
Although, this has nothing to do with copyright protection, but it shows the greed of some companies!

Chanel Luxury Shoes: High price, poor performance

Surely you know the famous Steiff bear with the button in ear.
Well, what can I say, a court was of opinion, that this button is not able to be protected. I, however, see it differently. First come, first served. And even they have now no legal claim -and they will face a harder business in other countries against the imitators, where they are not so well known-, they had the idea first and all imitators are unimaginative, greedy idiots who have no honor!

Large champagne producer Krug from France sues small vine producer Krug from Austria for the (domain)name Krug!
But the small Krug is 100 years older, than the large Krug, but it doesn't matter to Krug from France!
When they can, with help of lawyers, sue their competitors out of business, they have earned enough money, so don't buy by the big champagne producer Krug from France!
These whole large, reckless, greedy companies, destroying the small family companies make me sick!
Krug from France is part of the rich article producer "Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton"! And as we know since 2008, when the world wide finance crisis started, the rich sh.t on the poor! I could spit!

The suing continues!
s.Oliver sues musician "Sir" Oliver! Realy poor, they grab with their soulless fingers for each dead Cent!!!
Now, they have sales problems - HA HA HA !!!

;-) is already yet patented!!! No joke! The Wink Smiley is patented!!!

The "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"-Song is patented to 2017!!!

A musician has patented his band's name. When you sell a legally buyed CD with this patented name, for example on a online auction site, you will be sued!

Michael Buffer, the famous boxing ring speaker, has patented his special announcement call: "Let's get ready to rumble".

03/2013 Lindt sues Riegelein for sitting gold bunny and loses. [?]
12/2012 Haribor sues Lindt for Gold Bear. Lindt loses. [?]
03/2012: Lindt sues Hauswirth for sitting gold bunny and wins.
... Thanks Lindt, now I know Riegelein too :-D
... Match of the smartphone giants: Apple(Penalty charge for price-fixing agreement in e-books.) sues Samsung(Insurance, Heavy Industries, Machine Tools, Chemicals, Engineering, one of the world's largest shipbuilder, Renault Samsung Motors), Samsung sues Apple, Apple sues Samsung ... and daily greets the groundhog day ;-) ... ooops!


A Copyright Madness War !!!!!!

Griaß di!
["Griaß di" is a very old greeting from Tyrol, Austria, and means "I welcome you". A foreign company took out a patent of this greeting and sent to a Tyrolean man a lawsuit for copyright abuse, because he had printed this greeting on his commercial T-Shirts.]
They steal our all cultural heritage !!!

After 2000 years and 7,000,000,000 Earthlings, there can't just be almost nothing new more.
The rich are protecting relentlessly and hell-bent all items.

Where will it all end? That, very well soon, we all have to pay 90 Cents to a Hedgefond, just simply by saying "Hot Dog" during shopping!?!
And then, we, the people, have only to eat old newspapers!?!

An electronics company is threatening a small coffee shop in Germany with a lawsuit [?]. And a clothing company prohibits all austrian innkeepers to use a part of its protected name for a very old cult drink [?].
Are these companies believing that we all are so stupid that we are jumbling a coffee shop with an electronics company and perfume with a drink!?!
A big international chocolate factory had sued a small national for a similar product [?]. For me, both products were distinguishable. Simply by the name and the price!

The companies can't patent yet the "sitting", a fruit, rounded corners, or a prename and then be suing all. This is a massive restriction of our inventiveness, our all human right of free expression, which makes us human just in its entirety. That drives us to shape the future actively.
This is madness ... copyright-madness !!!!!

Word-of-mouth recommendation is the most powerful weapon of the people [?]!
Through the dissemination of truthful real existing negative facts about a company, the people can take actively influence on the sales of these companies ...

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