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little hypocrite
In the films "Deadpool 1" and "Deadpool 2" the deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds curses the day he committed to the film "Green Lantern". Now the punch line! At "Green Lantern" he met his current wife Blake Lively!

Netflix does not verify email address and Gmail ignores points in the email address!

Headphones for porn
Rental agreement dissolved because porn was watched too loud.

Schoolchild hacks accounts of German politicians.

iPhone 6 exBENDable?! ;-)
Simply trick: Use a case! But without magnetic catch!!!
iPhone6 bend case

Data Crash:
Police in Europe has no access to their encrypted data.
Now probably, only the NSA from America can help ;-)

The head of a political party claims on TV wisdom from his staff!
Pity that he has to claim for wisdom! :-D
No, sorry, mistake by us! He claims wisdom just from the new Minister of Finance!

World Cup Brazil 2014: Suarez bites his way into the last sixteen ;-)

Facebook: "What are you doing?"
Me: "I read your, what are you doing?"

Hammer Hummer !!!
Hummer SUV

Tony Stark is so smart! The Iron Man helmet doesn't destroy his hairstyle!

Marijuana legal?
I think the state goes crazy! First I shall buy the grass and the state earns himself richy rich stupid on my paid taxes! And then I shall die on cancer by smoking, hopefully very early, that the state gets my whole pension! And then, because smoking pot makes my brain dumb like alcohol, I shall consume and be quiet on the states again and again produced dump, like a sheep on the grass - baa! Not really, huh!? Dear state, bite me! You can take your stupid drugs and put it in your underpants! :-D

Movie Recommendation
The Autopsy of Jane Doe: "wandering corpse" does not kill anyone, but everyone dies anyway (ha ha ha)
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Youtube Video: The comment by government on spy crisis to the world!

New corruption scandal!
President was invited by toilet attendant to a costless sitting !!!

Dear prepotent newscaster! The 007 actor is called Daniel Craig, not Daniel CRACK !!! BUHAHAHA

Female reporter with T-Shirt in snow!

Eva Lonogria:
MAXIM voted Eva Longoria to 'women of the year':
"I don't like Eva Longoria, because she said, she comes to the AIDS Lifeball in Vienna/Austria, but she didn't come. She prefered to make party and go shopping.
Now, after playing in Desperate Houswives, she makes in Europe advertisement for cat food ...
Yes indeed, she is really a woman of the year ...  BUHAHAHA :-D"

our Youtube Video: Grub eats laughing baby!

18/01: Unbelievable! Rating agency Standfarts & Pures downgrades itself!
14/01: Unbelievable! Rating agency Standfarts & Pures downgrades Rating agency Mookies & Fits!
13/01: Unbelievable! Rating agency Standfarts & Pures gives ZSAM.org an AAA+++ and the roman One too!


"I pay no green power levy, I just take the power from my neighbor!"
"I'm going to fly into outer space too, but I buyed a one-way ticket, so I saved 50%!"
;-) Martin

joke: "Catch me if you can!" Video

My grandma is so funny! She said: "I might now be so pretty good in grave and worms would peacefully nibbling at me."

This weekend was no chance to escape the monkey business!
On Program1 was "Planet of the Apes" and on Program2 was the government election ;-)

Youtube-Video: Windows 8 - a colored wall :-D

Too much Porn everywhere!!!

Crack this NSA-PRISM: "AGETI2947ZUHABO24-WAQUEGTHO497320" ;-)

The regulation to pick up the excrements from the dog makes an impact: People buy more small dogs. Shure, they poo smaller :-D humans!
"Wow! That's great! Oh no! I, I get a heart attacjv3ws ..."
Youtube-Video Wild Group Sex released from 0 years

doggy-style: Dog shoots man in buttocks

Do you want to have a violet!


Champions League Final 2015:
Dear ‪Juventus FC‬ don't foul ‪Suarez‬ or he bites you !!!

To be thinking
"I think, therefore ..."
"You think too much!"

More wet pants!

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