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Hong Kong is the big brother of? Right! King Kong :-D

"Please take notice!!!
The data highway is just for the datas only, not for the road users !!!!"

"A real data highway crash !!!"


"What is that?!"
"Feathers of a bird. I think from a pigeon."
"A cat-astrophe!!!"
"I have seen a hawk"

"Pigeon feathers, the second."

"Oh come on, not again!!!
What is wrong with your garden!!!"
"There lives Godzilla!"
"I send you some terrorists!"
"No Thanks! We have here already enough corpses!!!"
"Please, do never invite me into your garden!"
"What is the problem? That's just nature! Eat or be eaten."
"Yes, of course. But in your garden, I would have the fear, that I would be eaten!!!"
"It's not my fault, that the pigeons fly so slowly!!!"

"Pigeon feathers, the third."
pigeon feathers in garden part 3
"Wow! And plucked in this very beautiful circle!"
"In the night, there was a fight and the scream was very bright!"
"No comment."

Donauinselfest (Danube Island Festival) - Vienna, Austria, Europe:
"The 'Donauinselfest [Danube Island Festival]' is the biggest -and free of charge- open air music festival in Europe!!!"
"Beer at the highest art of brewing! Hefty meat! Very heavy for ear and liver!!!"
"Always a big run to this event: The 'Donauinselfest' is visited by people, who have no other contacts!"
"People will save the shower at home, they will take a bath in the crowd!!!"
"This event is not for little girls!!!"
"The 'Donauinselfest' now with
much more visitors
much more bag controls
much more security cameras
much more sluices for the stream of visitors
and much more funny and drunk screaming people
you will love that !!!"
"... and 2013 for reason of high flood, with a lot much more mosquitoes than usual!"
"How does a sardine feel itself in a can? Visit the 'Donauinselfest'!!!"
"Sometimes, the pressure of the masses is so strong, you are not going, you will be carried !!!"

Dad on a drip feed. Son impatient: "Eat faster!"

Batman & Robin vs. Master World. The new cult comic !!!!

"The cow says MOO, only on Sunday she says OHM."
"During week the cow is MOOing, only on weekend she is relaxing."

Please, close your eyes, so I can take all your price :-D

My fart - a rhyme:
They think, when they smell, on world is onrushing the hell!

"You want troubles!?!"
"No thanks, I have enough, will you buy some from me?"

"UNBELIEVABLE! MISSION IMPOSSIBLE! Usain Bolt runs faster than the doped competitors! It seems, he is the 8th wonder of the world!?!"

"Don't just put sand in your head!!!"

My grandma is so funny! She said: "I might now be so pretty good in grave and worms would peacefully nibbling at me."

This weekend was no chance to escape the monkey business!
On Program1 was "Planet of the Apes" and on Program2 was the government election ;-)

"Child offers soother to chancellor: Video !!!"

"Car wanted to drive into driveway with automatic gate opening, but it was not his driveway and the gate have not opened automatically ... pictures"

Martin & Sigmund Freud

"Mega Super Porn Doggy-Style Violet BUHAHAHA !!!!!"

free EUR 1000,- for ...