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Legalizing Marijuana

Hollywood Stars nude pictures

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iPhone 6 bend

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World Cup Brazil


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Angelina Jolie breast cancer

News 2014:
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ZSAM.org wishes You a Good Slide into the New Year 2015 !!!



  • IS:
    IS kills own soldiers who wanted to return home to the safe west. Personally, I wouldn't be happy too, to be bombed by the Americans from air. My parents had already witnessed that as children. War is not a child's play!


  • Fake!
    We would say: the beautiful pre-Christmas story of the student Dominique Harrison-Bentzen in the UK, that she received by a homeless man his last 3 Pounds for a taxi, is 99% a lie !!!


  • Visitors November:
    Thanks a lot to the Visitors of these Countries!
    We welcome for the first time, the visitors from New Zealand and Nepal!
    Thank you!!!


  • That's Hollywood:
    Christoph Waltz from Vienna/Austria/Europe in Hollywood 2009-2014: 2 "Oscar", 2 "Golden Globe" and today he receives his star on the famous "Walk of Fame"!

  • General Motors:
    recalls hundreds of thousands cars.
    Spring: $1,- saved: faulty ignition lock: 36 deaths!

  • Laser pointer:
    Boy loses 60 percent of eyesight!

  • Berlin:
    Student's hair set on fire! Villain wanted!




  • Illegal firecracker:
    2 people dead, one hand shredded!

  • They are very powerful:
    Finance Oil Gold
    The vote in Switzerland will hardly affect the price of gold.


  • Ebola:
    Ebola virus is not in the blood, but in the semen of the man!

  • Coma:
    Tampon not changed!
    Model Forum

  • Football:
    Brazil 2 : 1 Austria
    18.11. in Vienna


  • Finally!
    "Grave" Windows security break closed after 19 years !!!


  • Ebola:
    Medicine from Vienna helps Ebola patients.

  • Data Crash:
    Police in Europe has no access to their encrypted data.
    Now probably, only the NSA from America can help ;-)

  • Overwhelmed:
    As punishment, man scalded 2 years old girl. She dies.
    Message to the father: "Are you too weak, life is too strong!"


  • Gold falls:
    68% chance that gold falls under $1.100,-
    28% chance that gold falls under $1.000,-

  • IS terror:
    Turkish people helps refugees!
    IS-massacre of 200 women and children!
    IS-slave trade: 10 year old girl costs $100,-!




  • Thanks a lot to the Visitors of these Countries
*spooky* *spooky*


  • Ebola, USA: nurse from an Ebola area complain about the new strict checks at the airport after arrival, with following preventive detention of 21 days in quarantine.
    First, the security was too lax, now too harsh!

  • IS reality: "We want to return home !!!"
    Who kills girls, will be reborn as a girl!


  • Ebola in New York! STUPID: Doctor fought Ebola in West Africa, but after his return to the United States, he was NOT put into quarantine!!!!!!


  • Oscar Pistorius - White VIP Power: for bang away the poor woman, he may be released for good behavior into house arrest already after 10 months in prison!!!

  • Hong Kong is the big brother of?

  • Terrorist kills baby!


  • Ebola Texas: Nurse flies in spite of fever with plane! She has Ebola!!!
    Protection suits such as for the carnival!
    Man without a protection suit removes Ebola waste!
    Those responsible will still kill us all.
  • The rich buy stocks and gold. If the Little People are got in, the rich sell again to get richer!!!


  • Texas Ebola: Ebola-man died, but now his nurse has Ebola! Ebola: unprepared hospitals get panic!

  • Man with electronic foot cuff, from Europe, is now fighting for the IS!
    10 year old IS-fighter killed in battle! Very short childhood!!!


  • I bought bottles of Baby-Nova and had to realize that those smelled unpleasant. Even after repeated cleaning! In MAM products I never noticed this smell ... Forum Baby Health Care
  • A lot of people (including a French agent) have no relation to their home country and go to the IS, where they awaits a honorably, but cruelly death.


  • Ebola Madrid: Poor protective equipment! Ambulance not cleaned! They think Ebola is like a sniffle!!!
  • IS: In the fight against Assad, they have supplied thousands of weapons to the IS! Now we have the IS and Assad is still in authority! Stop delivering weapons to war parties! The weapon industries earned itself dumb and dumber and the children die awfully!!!


  • Nobel Peace Prize for Malala!


Nurse in Spain infected with Ebola by patient in Madrid!!!
Maybe the husband infected too!
She was as infected on vacation!!!
The responsible can't control the nature! They are all arrogant and incompetent!!!
The incubation period is 2 to 21 days!!!

Two IS-terrorist, hiding among refugees on the way to Europe, arrested !!!

Breast implants cause an increased risk of breast cancer!!!

Product warning stick lighter:
product warning stick lighter

Before the "Ebola"-Man went to Texas, he said to the security in Liberia, he isn't ill. That doesn't surprised me, because he wanted the best health care! And so he pooped on the health of all other people and flew in the USA!!!
Those who claim that Ebola is no risk, are the same that have still no cure for the pandemic HIV in 30 years!!!

Thousands of IS terrorists pass with refugees the wide open EU borders !!!
Free travel for all !!!

Ebola in Texas, USA !!!
Two days before, he was sent home by the hospital!!!
You can't control the nature ... especially when those responsible are so stupid. Soon the terrorists will come with deadly diseases!!!

Woman dies due to breast implants !!!

Travelers bring deadly camel-virus to Europe !!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all October-Born!



Thanks a lot to the Visitors of these Countries

Discarded Gold !!!

Unbelievable! Selfie by self-flying drone camera (fake?!)

iPhone 6 bend?!
Simply trick: Use a case! But without magnetic catch!!!
iPhone6 case preview

Why is Amazon so successful?
Simply: the local shops DO NOT show ALL of their products online !!!

Scotland the Brave stay in Great Britain! Because the bravery is in hearts and not in borders!


Scotland the Brave will stay in the UNITED Kingdom, because they know: together is better!
And just the Scottish people make Great Britain so great!

Saved credit card Validation Code: Blog

Oscar Pistorius is not a murderer! So, what is he? A stupid, gutless chicken, perhaps?

iPhone and Whatsapp fart on customers settings!

Cloud hacked?! Who would do such a thing? In clouds the angels live! ;-)
I have my private data on a USB stick! And if you have a cleaning staff, the USB stick should be in a safe !!!
Do the Hollywood Stars want to show their nude pictures to their friends on the cell phone, tablet, TV, or what ?!
And there was a warning a year ago against such actions !!!
And who wants to hack my [Attention, I am a MAN !!!] nude pictures !?
Addition: the iPhone saves automatically all your data in the cloud !!!

The head of a political party claims on TV wisdom from his staff!
Pity that he has to claim for wisdom! :-D
No, sorry, mistake by us! He claims wisdom just from the new Minister of Finance!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all September-Born!


Thanks a lot to the Visitors of these Countries

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge donations: Just 28% transferred into research! A half million Dollars transferred each year to just 2 persons of the management!!!

Mission Impossible 5 management pays Viennese supernumeraries due to a "false contract form" instead EUR 90,- per day just EUR 30,-. Cheating simple workers: Mission Possible !!!

London: 2nd highest terror alert level.

Ebola in Congo. But between Nigeria and Congo are 2! States! Via airplane?! Daily flights between Nigeria and Frankfurt (Germany)!

Rainbow Loom fakes: lead, latex, BPA and phthalate free !?!

Smoker leaves shortly his work to smoke. But he stuck for 24 hours in swamp, near his work! Well, well, the addiction is driving one to doom ...

Refugee from Syria dies of meningitis.
Refugees from Nigeria come to Europe ... Ebola has reached Nigeria. Daily flights from Nigeria to Europe.
The War of the virus against the people has begun.
EU does not closing the borders.
Financial crisis in 2008 and AIDS is a joke about it.
So, still enjoys fast your life, who knows how long it will be even ;-)
Map 2009 ... Map 2014 ... grows slowly anyway!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all August-Born!


Thanks a lot to the Visitors of these Countries

Foreigners toll in Germany, our proposal: if each country build on its border toll gates, that would be the best ;-)


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World Cup Brazil: GERMANY - Exclusive Ranking !!!
Suarez bites his way into the last sixteen ;-)
Result: Suspended for 9 international games and 4 months!
Suarez 2.0 Video

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all July-Born!


Thanks a lot to the Visitors of these Countries
We welcome for the first time, the visitors from Angola! Thank you!!!

Facebook: "What are you doing?"
Me: "I read your, what are you doing?"

Hammer Hummer !!!

31. Donauinselfest 27.-29. June: it is the biggest open air music festival in Europe!!!

There is no easy money! Greenpeace gambled away almost EUR 4.000.000,- / USD 5.400.000,- of donations in "currency speculation CASINO" !!!


Banks + loans = dangerous mix. Taken credit of EUR 190.000,-. EUR 400.000,- paid. But allegedly bank wants additional EUR 340.000,-!!! Ruthless greed!
Dear Austria Ski Team, why are you doing for such a bank advertising!?!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all June-Born!


Thanks a lot to the Visitors of these Countries
We welcome for the first time, the visitors from Chile! Thank you!!!

Life Ball in Vienna / Austria, on May 31 2014 !!!
No overly bad weather.
Have a good time!

Pigeons are delicious!

Child has no heartbeat after birth. But when the mother has her child, to say goodbye, on her belly, caressing and singing, the child's heart begins to beat!

Video against humiliation and exclusion !!!

Austria: Mentally ill man in jail plumb forgotten!

Song Contest 2015 in Vienna, Austria ...

Awesome !!!
Cat saves child from dog !!!

Youtube Video

Drivers! Attention to diverted children: headset, staring on mobile, ...

Fund managers get 7 million per day !!!

Plastic granules in cosmetics.

Get children, in a large city, often foot-and-mouth disease?

Conchita Wurst wins with "Rise like a Phoenix" the ESC, Eurovision Song Contest, 2014 !!!

Nigeria: A Special Force team has to #bringbackourgirls! Unfortunately, they have no important oil reserves for developed countries, so they will not be helped! Disgusting!!!
Dear Mrs. Obama! From mother to mother: Don't show paper into camera, tell your husband he has to #bringbackourgirls!

Soon: Smartphone battery recharges in 30 seconds!

Pharmaceutical industry sells neuroleptics for adults to children, where boys grow breasts!!!

RTL shows a problem, that exists already for years. People in retirement homes vegetates, wishes nothing more than the death and the state looks away!!!

Teenagers from the EU fight in the Holy War (Jihad)!
But war is no child's play: shocking images of dead children

New Youtube Video: Beethoven Symphony 9

Tony Stark is so smart! The Iron Man helmet doesn't destroy his hairstyle! BUHAHAHA

In the near future, a blood test will detect whether a person has too less serotonin and thereby suffers from depression!

EU election on May 25th 2014!
Strength that party who is the lesser evil :-)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all May-Born!


Thanks a lot to the Visitors of these Countries
We welcome for the first time, the visitors from Guatemala! Thank you!!!

New in Blog: Adoption, same-sex couples, bullying, suicide

Peaches Geldof: pay attention to your heart, that it will not break.

How "How I Met Your Mother" really ended!

New evidence that smoking kills: Brother of Camilla Parker Bowles, Mark Shand, left house to smoke, slipped and died!

New: Blog

New in Forum: These are no pus pimples !!!

Cold greedy calculation?!?
20 days after the drug-related death of her sister, Julia Roberts gave an interview in February, which has only now been published in April. Interestingly, at the same time of her advertisement for a perfume ...

Confirmed: "Who does good to others and expects nothing will be rewarded!" Totally normal Jesus

Ukraine crisis:
The Ukraine should remain independent. Join neither the West nor the East. Until more than 75% of the citizens opted for one side. Better 80, or 90%!
All other countries should withdraw and respect the sovereignty of the country!!!
The people should decide and not a few radicals with weapons! ZSAM.org is impartial and means both sides!

New in Forum: Bullying

Happy Easter!

Don't send nude pictures, or you'll be blackmailed!
The internet never forgets!

Like this page and write "Summer ZSAM", you receive EUR 20,-!!! Until 15th June! On 25th June, we pick one winner! Good luck to you!!! ... via Paypal to all countries!

Erika F. on Facebook
receives for 5 year birthday
of ZSAM.org EUR 20,- !!!

"Are you Heartbleeded?"
Who was affected? Check on Mashable !!!

New in Forum: sun glasses cleaning protection driving

NEW: now, as promised, the Master World Comic in English !!!

New Design for "People with Disability"

Food Industry serves us dirt!
Unbalanced diet!
Lose Weight!

New Design for "Totally normal Jesus"


Cake 5 Years
Thanks for your fidelity! You are the best!

Car drivers die, because manufacturer wanted to save $ 1,- !!!

Discovered slave job: employer has, for 1700 hours unpaid work, to pay EUR 17.000,- to female intern !!!

Windows XP security risk starting 8th April 2014 !!!

NEW: E-Card "Ahh!" !!!

New Youtube Video: Peacock vs Cock

Beware the April Fools' Day - Joke !!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all April-Born!


Thanks a lot to the Visitors of these Countries
We welcome for the first time, the visitors from Libya! Thank you!!!

Mobile Phone Driver kills Child !!!

NEW: E-Card "HA! HA! HA!" !!!

NEW: Disclaimer template free !!!

Construction Worker, Spider-Man, Hell Fire !!!


neutral facts on the subject: "Fluoride toxic"

yummy: counterfeit drugs from the internet from abroad can include rat droppings, road paint, furniture polish, etc. - Bon appétit!
Oh! I forgot the diet pills, filled with nutritious cement and a spicy rat shat!!!

NEW: E-Card "HEY" !!!

Day care centers were closed due to strike on the backs of single mothers, who are already disadvantaged massively in their jobs, I personally find this very reckless, almost anti-social!

Legalizing Marijuana? I think the state goes crazy! First I shall buy the grass and the state earns himself richy rich stupid on my paid taxes! And then I shall die on cancer by smoking, hopefully very early, that the state gets my whole pension! And then, because smoking pot makes my brain dumb like alcohol, I shall consume and be quiet on the states again and again produced dump, like a sheep on the grass - baa! Not really, huh!? Dear state, bite me! You can take your stupid drugs and put it in your underpants! :-D

Thief steals from Minister of the Interior on police ball.
These stories can only be written by true life.

Steiff bear with the button in ear: Copyright-Madness!

Deadly Hutchinson cancer is dead!

Youtube Video: The comment by government on spy crisis to the world!

brilliant picture: female reporter with T-shirt in front, but behind her is Washington in snow!
female reporter with t-shirt, behind her is Washington in snow
This situation comedy is priceless!
I'm loving it!
That I call a very hot studio shot! ;-)

Movie Award Winners:
Best movie: 12 Years a Slave
Best male actor: Matthew McConaughey
Best female actor: Cate Blanchett

Youtube Video: Austrian Wolves

Social coldness:
The social coldness you can already notice very hard! I was looking for a blind woman a home, but the contacted real estate brokers made no work to write back!
And then she also has been robbed!!!
Day care centers were closed due to strike on the backs of single mothers, who are already disadvantaged massively in their jobs, I personally find this very reckless, almost anti-social!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all March-Born!


Thanks a lot to the Visitors of these Countries
We welcome for the first time, the visitors from Cambodia! Thank you!!!

    Olympic Winter Games in Sochi
    end peacefully as they have begun!
    Ranking exclusive by ZSAM.org:
  1. Russia
  2. Canada
  3. Norway
  4. USA
  5. Netherlands
  6. Germany
  7. Switzerland
  8. Austria
  9. Belarus
  10. France

Handicapped boy Owen with dog Haatchi

The "monster" is growing: data kraken Facebook eats data kraken Whats App.

Olympic Games Sochi: Illogical! The exciting alpine ski competitions play so early in the morning, the cock is still dreaming of his chicks on farm!

Super Bowl XLVIII / 48. Winner: Seattle Seahawks

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all February-Born!


Thanks a lot to the Visitors of these Countries
We welcome for the first time, the visitors from Albania & Puerto Rico! Thank you!!!
80 countries in total!

Krug sues Krug: new Copyright Madness!

Please, don't forget the movie recommandations

Topless in Rio

Barbie XXL

Femen, Church, Tips for Jesus

MAXIM voted Eva Longoria to "Woman of the Year"

Jane Goodall releases chimpanzee back into the wild! Video of Wounda's Journey

Gold: $1200,-

The days are getting longer again.

"Twins were not born in the same year! First twin was born on Dec. 31, 2013 and second twin was born on Jan. 1, 2014!"

"They have wished to me a 'Good Slide into the New Year'. But I were slid for real! On my nose! That hurt pretty! Stupid saying!" ;-)

Google has saved in cache more than 350 sites about ZSAM.org
Bing: 40
Yahoo: 40

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all January-Born!

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Legalizing Marijuana, Angelina Jolie Breast Cancer

Mega Super Porno Doggy-Style Violet

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