Who are people with disability?

They are people, who are not or less able to participate on working world or on social life, because of their limited capabilities.

The meaning of life is to protect the weak! To meet other people at eye level!

We strive for 100% perfection, although we will never reach it. But just because of this aspiration, we no longer live in caves and have a lot of conveniences. The important thing is that we shall not set desire for total perfection over the people, and all those, who are below this limit, are no longer perceive. Because that is the beginning of the end of a civilized and highly developed society!

For example, the non-profit website ZSAM.org tries with its offers, to bring all people together. To have a word with each other. To have a look at each other.
With many independent informations. And to brighten with satire a little bit the darkness.

People are becoming more intelligent, so we can look with confidence into the future, that no one will be forgot.

Thank You very much!
A lot of positive energy to You!
Your people with limited capabilities.