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It's great that our suggestions have been accepted!

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Authority ambush
Diabetes costs are tax deductible. But then, the authority knows who has diabetes and checks them for their fitness to drive!
The result: driver's license is completely gone, or limited for a very short time!

TOP! Copyright-Madness!

A lot of companies move from Europe to the USA (and China), because in the USA (and China), the companies can produce more pollution. And the government needs working people in new companies, which pay taxes ... and not healthy people / children!
And working people can be sick, while they can pay the bills (because the US State don't have to pay for the health care ... in Europe, the governments pay all hospital bills, until the person dies or become healthy again), afterwards, the ex-workers can / have to die, because they are no more longer valuable for the state.
Economy against health? Beh, disgusting!!!

Why is Amazon so successful?
Simply: the local shops DO NOT show ALL of their products online !!!

We informed a company, that the Validation Code of a Credit Card is still stored in the input field on their Homepage. The said: "Disable the function of storing the input data in your browser." Mwahahaha! Not really client-friendly!
But few weeks ago, finally, they disabled the function of storing the Validation Code, even if you collect the input data in your browser.

Women's Swimming
A space of time, where only women are allowed to enter the public swimming pool, with a female lifeguard, is very important for women!
Forum: Breast Uplift / Enlargement Model

Dear Microsoft Team!
We need this funktion in Windows Update:
The user can say, after updating, the system shall restart. And maybe too: after restart, the system shall move into "save energy". Because, time is money and we have no time to wait!!!
Thanks a lot!
The Windows User

I buyed akkus in a supermarket. These were so bad! Now, I just want to buy akkus with a good name, good test-results and in prof-markets!
Because, you also don't move to the butcher for a smartphone :-)

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