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Yes it's true, same-sex couples can be just as good parents as hetero couples, but that helps nothing to the adopt children, if they are scoffed at school and by other parents, because the tolerance is still too low.

Change is very important for a social and intelligent society, but when I hear in the TV, how many children who have outed themselves, are then bullied to suicide, then I say loud and clear: change yes, but not on the backs of children, who can't defend themselves!

I'm also not amused about people like Angelina Jolie or Madonna, which buy children like handbags, and when I hear of children of stars which abuse drugs and sex ... Nicole Richie Anorexia!
These are mostly people who had not themselves functioning families! But they don't need more children, they need therapy! They are "children hoarders"!!!
In this cases, clearly, is no longer the child's welfare in the foreground, but unfortunately rules the world of money!

Speaking of money! There is none for follow-up checks! Evidence: desperate woman is kicked out of social housing and kills her 4-year-old daughter!
Who kills and rapes the most children? Right, the men!
Because of their high intelligence, unfortunately, the men tend too often to be suffering from severe mental disorders.
Homosexual men are not allowed to donate blood, because they have a higher risk of AIDS. The lawsuit of a gay man was dismissed.
That, what is not the same, you can not convert into the same!
If a child comes to damage, although the state knows the dangers and left the child in the lurch, then the state must pay for all costs!

We adults have to exemplify tolerance and pay attention to warning notices!
Because it is about the weakest among us!!!

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