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.) Special Olympics World Summer Games 2015: Results !!!

.) Women's Football World Cup Exclusive Ranking !!!

.) Road safety: children, even WITH parents, are excluded from the trust principle !!!


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News 2015:

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Software Update / 27.11.
Keep all your (E-Mail) Software up to date!

Visitors / 24.11.
We welcome for the first time the visitors from:
São Tomé and Príncipe
Thank you!
Thanks a lot to the Visitors of these 103 Countries

Mineral Oil Cosmetics / 19.11.
The manufacturers have no scruples to put mineral oil in their children's cosmetics products (Cera Microcristallina, Ozokerite, Paraffin, Paraffinum Liquidum, Petrolatum)!
Because mineral oil is cheaper than vegetable oil!
Forum: Baby Child Health Care

Paris / 14.11.
IS terrorists kill 129 people
Not a fair fight: Radicals vs. Agents!

Syria / 01.11.
Little World War in Syria - Picture

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Visitors / 18.10.
We welcome for the first time the visitors from:
Syria / الجمهورية العربية السورية
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Parship / 04.10.
For 12 days and 11 contacts, at an annual fee of EUR 335.-, a woman have to pay EUR 251.-!

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EU Refugee Crisis / 15.09.
Blog: Help urgently needed!

to all September-Born!

sell Post AG

04.08. Ebola vaccine
4000 persons successfully vaccinated!

04.08. Visitors
We welcome for the first time the visitors from
South Africa / Republic of South Africa
Thank you!
Thanks a lot to the Visitors of these 100 Countries

04.08. no more random samples
Austrian startup makes any error of each product immediately visible!

to all August-Born!

24.07. Funny Politicians
The Greek Government raises taxes. That should flush
     800.000.000,- into coffers, but,- taxes are still unpaid!
And Juncker says, the Grexit is off the table!
Buhahaha! And I flush into my underpants!

24.07. IS Terror
IS attacks Algeria and Turkey!
The largest terror army is around the corner of Europe!

22.07. Vienna!
Vienna: IS, shootout, ...

21.07. Investment
Gold, Shares -30%

17.07. Terror in the USA
Warning notices overslept?
He came from the Arab region.
He went for a long time in the Arab region.
(He wore an IS beard.)
He bought weapons.
He killed 4 US soldiers, because he was never monitored!

14.07. EU kills our kids
An EU Member State must apply the higher limits at toxics in children's toys!
And the greedy companies can, with support from the EU, poison our children!

14.07. Ray Ban up to 89% off
are fakes!

07.07. Women's Football World Cup FINAL
USA 5 : 2 Japan
Women's Football World Cup Champion: USA
Exclusive Ranking

03.07. Women's Football World Cup
USA 2 : 0 Germany
Japan 2 : 1 England
Exclusive Ranking

01.07. Egypt
The IS attacks Egypt !!!

to all July-Born!

30.06. Terror in Egypt
IS Terror Assault!

28.06. Mers Virus
South Korea: 31 dead! 3000 in quarantine!

28.06. Women's Football World Cup
Australia 0 : 1 Japan
England 2 : 1 Canada
Exclusive Ranking

27.06. Women's Football World Cup
Germany 6 : 5 France
China 0 : 1 USA
Exclusive Ranking

26.06. 4 IS terror assaults
In Europe:
Today in Lyon, France. 1 man beheaded!
On June 20th in Graz, Austria. Man kills with car 3 people - including a boy, who was just 4 years young :-( ! 34 badly injured! He attacked also with knife! With car and knife as 2014 in Canada, Israel and France!
Today in Tunisia: 37 dead tourists from Germany, Great Britain, Belgium and Ireland!
Today in Kuwait: 25 people killed, 202 injured!

25.06. Party
32nd Donauinselfest (Danube Island Festival), June 26th-28th, ia with Anastacia! It is the biggest free Europe's open air music festival in Vienna !!!

18.06. Security Risk
Samsung Galaxy smartphones!
Don't use public, unknown, insecure WLAN ... Even after update and on all other devices!

15.06. Diet Pills
from the web may contain explosives (DNP) !!!

13.06. Women's Soccer World Cup
Why have the athletes to play on artificial grass?!
Is the FIFA totally dumb?!

11.06. Lifesaver
Dear Baby Girl Lifesaver US Police Officer Martin Smith, may you need a sun blocker !?
Save also your own life!

09.06. Women's Soccer World Cup
Germany 10 : 0 Ivory Coast

09.06. Champions League Final
Barcelona 3 : 1 Juventus
"Dear ‪‎Juventus FC!‬ Don't foul ‎Suarez,‬ or he bites you !!!"

09.06. Nazis 1
After 80 years, 102 year old woman can finish medicine study. Nazis had forbidden her the oral exam!
She finished the test for all colleagues, who were killed by the Nazis.

09.06. Nazis 2
Great Ape is kept alone in zoo!

09.06. Oscar Pistorius
After 10 months in jail the killer may return home!

09.06. Mers Virus
South Korea: 7 dead

09.06. Visitors
We welcome for the first time the visitors from
Mozambique / República de Moçambique
Thank you!
Thanks a lot to the Visitors of these 99 Countries

05.06. Women's Soccer
World Cup in Canada from June 06 to July 05.

05.06. IS Terrorists
The UN sends refugees to Europe. Norway sends 10 back, because suspicion of terrorism!
And how many terrorists did -not- sent back your country?
... There are too few security officers to monitor all the terrorists, which are already in our countries!

05.06. Fake Studies
The diet with chocolate was a fake study of 2 journalists!
But there are also many serious fake / sugarcoated studies, which makes the products of the food and pharmaceutical industries seem particularly healthy!

to all June-Born!

27.05. In case of fire
Fire extinguisher with powder make rooms and vehicles useless !!!

27.05. Banknotes of the future
Banknotes with wireless chip can be made useless, for example for drug dealers and terrorists

27.05. Security Breach
AUA saves on staff! These smuggle illegals to the USA and Great Britain!

27.05. Banking secrecy Austria
SPÖ, Social party in Austria, want without a court order to look into all accounts, even from grandma and grandpa!

27.05. Church antisocial?
Woman with child lays flat dry, remove mold, building a kitchen. But Pastor still want her to remove the flat after 3-year contract!

25.05. Shooting
in tramway, in Vienna: an asylum seeker kills man and injured innocent 19 year young female hard !!!

in Vienna, tomorrow on May 23 !!!
Weather in Vienna: rain, wind, cold

21.05. Champions League Women

16.05. Life Ball 2015
today on May 16th in Vienna, Austria.
Weather: very pleasant.
Informations: public transport, mobile phone network ...

13.05. Visitors
We welcome for the first time the visitors from
Saint Kitts and Nevis
Virgin Islands (U.S.)

Thank you!
Thanks a lot to the Visitors of these 98 Countries

to all May-Born!

23.04. FBI Forensic Hair Analysis Failed
Suspects put on death row! Maybe innocents executed! This could also have been my brother, or my sister!
killer has red hair, but FBI put man with black hair on death row

11.04. Song Contest
Tickets Metro

08.04. Airplane Emergency Landing
Germanwings A319, on 04.04.

to all April-Born!

31.03. Austria Tourism
Now again, fake police have taken away money from tourists! The false police in Vienna claimed, that money would be counterfeit money!

31.03. Financial Market Austria
Radical changes!
1.) Fiscal authority can soon look into all accounts - NO bank secrecy anymore!
2.) The banks have soon to pay the whole deposit insurance of EUR 100,000,-! The state withdraw!
More ...

28.03. Plane Crash
Germanwings A320 in France: incompetent media !!!
They've really taken a photo of a very different man from a tweet and presented him as the co-pilot who killed the passengers. Some media even had fully shown his face, so NOT made unrecognizable. The innocent was flabbergasted when the media presented him as the murderer!

28.03. Plane Crash
Germanwings A320 in France: Co-pilot lock out Captain, who was using the toilet, and manages aircraft into the mountains.
Only one person in the cockpit! What if something happens to this one person, like sickness, or murderous fury?
Was he depressed, did he used drugs, was there no urine, or blood tests?
Are there not realised clinical examinations? But only these, according to a professor, would discover a psychological problem!
"But no matter, we let all the suicide killers in the cockpits! Because of just one single case, we can not spend now so much money for examinations! And please, what happened to flight MH370 !?!"
The pilots are being exploited (by the companies?), are overwhelmed and hundreds of people have to die, because of one person (and some greedy companies?)!
Our condolences to the bereaved!

24.03. Plane Crash
Germanwings A320 in France
"I better stay at home !!!"

24.03. Adhortatory Letter
Woman shared photo on Facebook, photographer claims now almost EUR 2.000,- !!!

24.03. Poisoned Children
New record by drawn from the market poisoned toys, clothes, etc! "The new shoes by Jako-o stink even very suspicious!"
... Pirelli is sold to China! ...

23.03. Alpine Skiing
NEW RECORD: Marcel Hirscher, Austria, overall World Cup winner, for the 4th year in a row.

23.03. NO bank secrecy in Austria
From now, fiscal authority may at any time, without reasonable suspicion, look in all accounts!

23.03. perverse businesses
The US loses to the IS 2,500,000,000,- worth of arms!
The problem is, that some delivers to the Syrian authority, the other to some rebels, from which the IS has been founded. Now we have the war not only in Syria but in many other countries. In Syria, the people suffers pain for years by this stalemate, while the arms lobby and industry is becoming richer by bought politicians.
Would the world be, without arms shipments, not a little bit more bloodless?
What do you mean?

19.03. SUPERMAN Ice Bucket Challenge !!!
Great Youtube Video

13.03. Where is Putin?
He is on vacation ... in the East Ukraine!

13.03. Laser eye surgery correction
Forum: glasses

11.03. News-Flash
News, in March, from Vienna

11.03. Expensive Computer
DON'T buy! Forum: Windows

09.03. Visitors
We welcome for the first time the visitors from Ivory Coast. Thank you!
Thanks a lot to the Visitors of these 94 Countries

03.03. Winter ade
Spring !!!

to all March-Born!

28.02. Leonard Nimoy
R.I.P. 83 years
Unforgotten: "Live long and prosper!"

23.02. Measles kill child
Child 1.5 years, died in Berlin, because it was not vaccinated!
Forum: so dangerous are measles!

19.02. Vaccination
HPV against cervical cancer: Next year, 2016, there will be a new HPV vaccination. Which doesn't protect only up to 70%, but even up to 90%. We hope, that the side effects have been attenuated.
Forum: cervical cancer vaccination

19.02. Women's Swimming
More information about Women's Swimming on's Swimming

19.02. Hair Shine
Hard piped water makes hair rough and dry. Conditioner bring back humidity into the hair back!
Forum: Breast Uplift/Enlargement Model


We welcome for the first time the visitors from Guyana. Thank you!
Thanks a lot to the Visitors of these Countries Service
Movie Recommendations


Child Abuse
Child Abuse: Boxing fight father, 85 kilograms, against son, 15 kilograms. Father rejoices, son lying on the ground.
The Dad: "I respected his dignity. I did not punched his face!!!"
Clear case: "Those who can not protect the weak, even harm them, is overwhelmed."


Ski World Cup - USA
Anna Fenninger, Austria, has won in the same discipline Super-G, at the Olympics one year ago, and even now at the World Cup, Gold!

Security Hole
Frequently security holes: disable Flash Player, Java and Silverlight.

World Cup Brazil
New: Exclusive Ranking

Super Bowl XLIX
That was a very tough battle!
But a victory for Tom Brady (USA) and Sebastian Vollmer (Germany). Sebastian Vollmer is the first German who won the Super Bowl.
The result: New England Patriots 28:24 Seattle Seahawks
The best Spots


Anti-Virus Protection
When you combine the results of with, so, we would say, that Kaspersky would have been the best anti-virus protection program in November 2014.
P.S.: We did NOT had Kaspersky in November ... so this is no surreptitious advertising !!!
08.04. Addition: But when we changed from Avira, we used for years, to Bitdefender, no viruses were found!

We welcome for the first time the visitors from Tokelau. Thank you!
Thanks a lot to the Visitors of these Countries
Google shows pictures of Tokelau


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Virus epidemic at the theme park. Forum

Freedom of Speech
Freedom of Speech
Freedom of speech is a dangerous weapon. You can destroy reputations and in consequence lives.


rising profits
rising profits


For example 2010-2014 in Greece

War Victims
For example in the Ukraine
War Victims: Bombs on Children, Women, Elderly!
Honour = protection of the weak and innocent


We welcome for the first time the visitors from Iraq, Jordan, Mauritius, Tunisia. Thank you!
Thanks a lot to the Visitors of these Countries


Caricature / Cartoon
Terrorist 1: "Nice shot!"
Terrorist 2: "I did nothing! It crashed by itself!"
Explanation: The Eurofighter has (many) technical problems.


Spread legs
Report of a man: "Men can't close legs like women, otherwise the sensitive testicles will be squashed. This is a biological fact. But there are men who spreads legs so wide, I think to myself, they have large testicles, because they have no partner :-D
Once, a guy pressed me so much in corner, with his stupid prepotent wide spread leg sitting, after that, I had to sit in an empty subway over 3! seats to got the pain from my cramped legs!
Dear Ladies, for a better understanding: you also don't press your breasts during the whole time of sitting. Or, put two boiled chicken eggs and a Wiener sausage in your pants ;-)"
TV: "Women also spread her legs wide." Come on people, that was in the photo a pregnant woman, and the big baby belly let spread her legs wide, like the testicles and the penis do!
Are we in kindergarten? Children are killed!


No Mohammed Cartoon

The West has
Luxury, jobs, Internet, many universities, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, etc. And yet we draw Mohammed through the mud?
"Civility and helpfulness create heaven on earth for you!"

Great joke
"Charlie Hebdo" blasphemes against "Pegida" BUHAHAHA
Explanation: Charlie Hebdo shows Pegida as Nazis, because they instigates against religious fanatics, but Charlie Hebdo instigates against the faith of a world religion!


Morning after pill for all.

How much "power" has the Internet in your country? Web-Index


Terror in France
Assassins were in prison, on the terrorist list of the United States, formed in Yemen, radicalized in Paris ...
From where were the heavy weapons?! What did the secret service? Monitoring the ex of the president?!
Why had "Charlie Hebdo" no controlled access? Where was the police protection? With their omnipotence they claimed innocents life!
Total failure from the beginning: Young people need education, jobs and future prospects! Or Second-generation migrants would not feel connected with the new home! At first, let brainlessly all in and then let them down! A lot of countries have this problem. Ticking time bombs thanks indifference.
The assassins did a peaceful "tour" of 24 hours! The police did not rammed the car, but let them take more hostages! A true miracle, that did not yet exist more deaths in "Dammartin-en-Goële" near Airport "Paris Charles de Gaulle" and 200 school children!!!
... They kill innocent children:
... War is not a child's play!


Incompetent #3
Once again let Ebola into country: Sierra Leone - London - Glasgow.
Well done, you losers!

customer goes crazy #2: underpants

Welcome to Vienna

The days become longer once more.

New Year
"They have wished to me a 'Good Slide into the New Year'. But I were slid for real! On my nose! That hurt pretty! Stupid saying!" ;-)
Saved sites in cache about
Google: 286
Bing: 140
Yahoo: 138

Thanks a lot to the Visitors of these Countries

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