EU Refugee Crisis

All refugees are equal! Some are less valuable!
For 1 young, male refugee in Europe, we could support 20 women in their countries!!!

Europe doesn't support the countries, which support the refugees and are near their homes! If Europe would support, people wouldn't die on the long journey to Europe!

People need help for future, for hope!
In the past, Rudolf Steiner made desert blossoming and now, people produce their own food to sell!
But that is too expensive.
And the EU can't even help Kosovo in Europe!

The refugees have to live in desert in tent cities without trees and without gymnastics equipment for children. That's bleak!
No one wants to stay there!

Europe has also to sanction countries, which deliver weapons!
The War-Lobby is incredibly powerful.
If you were an ant, the War-Lobby would be an elefant.
Even the powerful and Nobel Prize of Peace winner Barack Obama would be a little ant and he has to do what the weapon producers and the banks command him!
The USA lost 2.500.000.000.- worth of weapons to the IS!

Some rich West European countries want a lot of refugees. But they have no space. Refugees have to sleep on the street and in tents.
And refugees have almost nothing to eat there!
2500 volunteers are needed to help! Citizens bring water and food!
Some politicans are very incompetent.
Now they whine and want the poor East European countries helping them!
Just stupid! Ridiculous and pathetic!

That's not all!
These generous politicians ignore the problems in their own country:
30,000 teachers are missing, no gym, no English for kids.
Desperate woman is kicked out of social housing and kills her 4-year-old daughter!
Women can not go to work, because no day care place is free and the employees are constantly on strike!
Dilapidated schools can not be restored, because the municipalities have speculated the money!
People in need of care are treated like trash because there are not enough well-paid staff!
There is far too little psychological care for children on health insurance!
Borders are not controlled and criminals from around the world killing the locals for just a few Euros!
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