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Angelina Jolie: breast cancer screening !!!
Rare gene: risk to get cancer >85%
Artificial implant: 25% have chronic pain
Own tissue -from belly- 98% compatibleness - only at professional!!!
Even after amputation, control required!!!
Instead of surgery, also close monitoring possible!
Chemo mouth sore: garden sage tea [Salvia officinalis].

Breast implants cause an increased risk of breast cancer!!!

Tampon not changed! Toxic poisoning!
Change every 4 hours! In the night use only sanitary pads!

hair shine
Hard piped water makes hair rough and dry. Conditioner bring back humidity into the hair back!

Women's swimming
A space of time, where only women are allowed to enter the public swimming pool, with a female lifeguard, is very important for women!

bladder cervix cancer, HPV vaccination

After breast surgery, you will get scars from 1mm up to 5mm forever, and the implant weight pulls your breast faster down, or you will become dents !!!

He loves your born breast, or he didn't love you!

The best diet is Love and Sex.

"Each surgery is a trauma to your body" Martin


Sex Love Single Money Pimple Model Breast Burnout ...