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Mail protection
To capture a virus via e-mail, it is sufficient to look at the e-mail, because the virus is already hidden in the code of the e-mail!
Thunderbird: View > Message Content > "Pure Text". Sometimes you just see a blank page, because companies only code their mails with HTML, without offering an "online version link", but then the companies just got unlucky!

Some tested soya drinks contained pollutants, like nickel and microbially contamination.
Nickel can cause allergic reactions and may affect reproduction and development!
Dear Gentlemen! Attention! Soy has estrogen mimicking compounds!

Buy only TV that have at least 2x10 watts of audio!

Consumer Protection Company search
On Google, don't take one of the first offered companies without checking reviews, how long the company already exists and whether this company is near you!
A written quotation with a maximum amount would also be an advantage!

Some HP Batteries are defective! Check the serial numbers!
Since 2 weeks: no HP Updates!
Never ever HP?! Yes!

Smartphone Battery
Although it's super fast with, but if you want your smartphone to "survive" the day longer, then you have to deactivate the fast-loading-funktion!

Casino Winnings
Now I've heard twice that mega great casino winnings were not paid at a slot machine because of software breakdown! 1x in the USA + 1x in Austria!

Windows 10 Upgrade
Free upgrade to Windows 10 still possible!

Internet Explorer
Support for all expired! Except for Internet Explorer 11 and Edge !!!

Imbalance causes Alzheimer!

Carcinogenic Petroleum in "Care Products":
Cera Microcristallina, Ozokerite, Paraffin, Paraffinum Liquidum, Petrolatum

Warning!!! Don't visit the internet with Android 6.0.0 or lower, because: NO UPDATES !!! Is HIGH SAFETY RISK !!!
Massive attacks on 4 and 5! Therefore, Google updated 4, 5 and 6 in October 2017!
Software-Support at least 18 months!

Windows 10 "big" version updates
update to 1511 + 1607 sucks, because it reactivates "bad" settings for ssd like Defragmentation, Prefetch and Superfetch! And it reactivates disabled settings like Webcam, Microfon, Account Informations and many more!!!

Random Access Memory RAM
Pay attention to "single rank" (1Rx8): only one row of memory on the front and
"dual rank" (2Rx8): a row of memory in front and behind.
For the "dual channel" use 2 identical RAM.
Log-in error via Thunderbird for addresses.
Microsoft disables POP and IMAP!
Go Options > Email > Accounts > POP and IMAP!
There, you can activate again POP and IMAP!
We told Microsoft this problem, now it seems to be fixed!

Don't burn your money!
Gold and Shares are rising to fall again!
On savings account you loss by inflation (1 to 2%).
With shares you can lose 100%!
VW shares lost in just one year 40% of its value!
Real Estate Fund lost 78%! Investors have to pay back 70 percent of their dividends!

Welcome to Imperial City Vienna in Europe
Schoenbrunn Palace, St. Stephens Cathedral, Imperial, Belvedere, Albertina, Prater, Austria, Madame Tussauds, Sightseeing, tourism, care, ...

Write your review right!
Start always with this sentence: "In my own and non professional opinion, I would say ..."
I am the author of this sentence and allow you to copy and paste.

Wasted Water!
Check the quality of the water! Nitrate? Uranium? Fracking chemicals? !!!

In case of fire
Fire extinguisher with powder make rooms and vehicles useless !!!

In Austria, the feces of cooks is no longer checked for tapeworms. In London, some jewish families received tapeworms by their employees!

Frequently security holes in Flash Player, Java, Acrobat Reader and Silverlight.
NEWS: Anti-Virus-Protection
But you need Flash Player to add your comments into your Youtube Video!

Legalizing Marijuana?
I think the state goes crazy! First I shall buy the grass and the state earns himself richy rich stupid on my paid taxes! And then I shall die on cancer by smoking, hopefully very early, that the state gets my whole pension! And then, because smoking pot makes my brain dumb like alcohol, I shall consume and be quiet on the states again and again produced dump, like a sheep on the grass - baa! Not really, huh!? Dear state, bite me! You can take your stupid drugs and put it in your underpants! :-D

such as in the back, stomach, caused by the psyche, can be remedied partly by psychotropic drugs.

in the stomach and back? Sick as in a flu? Tears while eating?
Let you make a gastroscopy!

yummy: counterfeit drugs
from the internet from abroad can include rat droppings, road paint, furniture polish, etc. - Bon appΓ©tit!
Oh! I forgot the diet pills, filled with nutritious cement and a spicy rat shat!!!

neutral facts
on the subject: "Fluoride toxic"

in Bladder Cervix Prostate Breast, HPV Vaccination

Child died
in Berlin, because it was not vaccinated! Vaccination, Tick, Lyme Disease, Encephalitis, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Polio, Tetanus, Diphtheria

Food INDUSTRY serves us dirt!

Topless in Rio, BarbieXXL, Miley Cyrus Sex

(no heartbeat): 2x mouth 30x chest! (2x30 = 2 months of vacation)

When driving,
the sunglasses shall not exceed a definite level of darkness! Ask your optician!

Child dies
of lung cancer, because of smoking parents!!!
Counterfeit cigarettes from abroad are contaminated!

Phone Driver kills Child !!!

Car drivers die,
because manufacturer wanted to save $ 1,- !!!

Discovered slave job
Employer has, for 1700 hours unpaid work, to pay EUR 17.000,- to female employee!
WRONG! She got money from the employment agency!

The social coldness
you can already notice very hard! I was looking for a blind woman a home, but the contacted real estate brokers didn't write back!
And then she also has been robbed!!!
Day care centers were closed due to strike on the backs of single mothers, who are already disadvantaged massively in their jobs, I personally find this very reckless, almost anti-social!
Breastfeeding mother gets thrown out of a coffee shop !!!

Rechargeable Batteries
Is battery abnormally hot, turn off the power immediately! Battery can explode!

If a product has a warranty of 5 years, or not, but an agent says that the product can exists, on the basis of tests, almost 20 years, DO NOT BELIEVE!
And a lifetime warranty can also be, for example, just 10 years!

In the near future, a blood test will detect whether a person has too less serotonin and thereby suffers from depression!

Dead Children
Hate, violence, war: shocking images of dead children !!!

Social Network
"Your Social Network will keep you always in memory.
When you were dancing half naked and drunk on table.
When you shown your boss the finger.
These are memories forever and ever."

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Chinese Products
Huawei is a Chinese product: Private Data to China?!

Fun ?!
.) You want to have Fun, but: Woman loses leg at roller coaster ride!
.) You want to have Fun, but: Bungee rope rips, man dead!

+ label power pc cables etc with a permanent marker to which device it belongs!

sporting is murdering
1.) Man is cycling at night and torn by car - dead!
2.) Cyclist is transporter "in the way" - dead!




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