Natascha Kampusch - 3096 days:
On 2. March 1998 as a 10-year-old kidnapped.
After eight and a half years in 2006, weakened, exhausted physically and mentally, she managed to escape from captivity.
But the ordeal finds no end, by surveys, again and again new emerging, outrageous theories and hostility in society ...

Do you know that feeling after a marathon? The exhaustion.
If one consumes over a long period more of its physical and mental resources, it's gone for ever and ever. With drugs you are able to keep yourself stable. But there are no more air jumps possible.
Let alone a marathon. And also no fast run to bakery.
It's over!
It's like sitting in a wheelchair!
Externally, one looks healthy. But inside one is broken.
Forever and ever!

Live for a few days with bread and water in a dark chamber.
Nobody to talk.
No cigarettes.
No alcohol.
No favorite drink.
No filling with food that you like the most.
No amount of money can give her back what was taken from her.
No amount of money in this world!

To become a high level person, you need intelligence, but you also need social competence - the ability to empathize with others.

To all socially competent people! Make advertising for this site, so we suppress the enviers, antisocial elements, perverse gawkers from top of the search engine listings.
Thank you very much!

They are angry, because she have a condo. They don't understand, with a condo, she dosn't occupy a social housing for people, who really need one!
They are angry, because she merchandised her story. They don't understand, with merchandising her story, she gets her own money and don't need support by social fund! And she invests her money in economy and jobs!
But they can't continuously, like a baby, give full scope to their feelings and accost other people, because they mean, she doesn't suit their books! They should consume less caffeine containing drinks and do more sports! We all are becoming more and more antisocial egoists, with no values​​ and no respect! Welcome to the Stone Age: "Uh! Uh! Uh!"

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