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Winner: Duncan Laurence "Arcade" Niederlande

Winner: Netta "Toy" Israel

Winner: Salvador Sobral "Amar Pelos Dois" Portugal

Winner: Jamala "1944" Ukraine

60th Song Contest, "Building Bridges", 2015 in Vienna - Austria / Europe !!!
Winner: Måns Zelmerlöw from Sweden with "Heroes"
The Vienna link will show you more information about Public Transport and Mobile Phone Network!
Song Contest Winner 2014: Conchita Wurst
"Some say, she only won, because she has a "Zumpfi" (austrian dialect for penis).
But we see 2 facts:
1.) You can / shall not reduce a person to one attribute / his Zumpfi, intelligent people don't do that!
2.) There were many things which let her win: The song text, the power in her voice, her golden glitter dress, the message, and she is very gentle and smart!"
"Yes, that's right, but her manager isn't gentle, because he sues another manager, who makes advertisement for same-sex singles with a bearded lady and the message: 'uns ist deine Orientierung Wurst' in English: 'we don't care about your sexual orientation'.
Of course, her manager has to protect her interests. But for years exist bearded ladies and Wurst (Wurst = sausage). That isn't really tolerant. For same-sex singles, it is still difficult to find partners. Dear Conchita Wurst, I thought you are helping them, because you take a stand for tolerance!? And why you / your manager has invited ESC-participants from Malta to Vienna and then jilted them without notice? Maybe, after your success, you have no more time to live tolerance?"

Winner: Conchita Wurst from Austria with "Rise like a Phoenix"

Song Contest 2015 in Vienna - Austria / Europe ... perhaps at Schönbrunn Palace!

Song Contest 2015: Maybe Conchita Wurst is moderating!

BBC: "Conchita Wurst should play in the next 007!"

After 48 years - 1966, Udo Jürgens (1934-2014) with "Merci, Cherie" - Austria wins the Song Contest for the second time!

"She sang her soul out!"


Winner: Emmelie de Forest from Denmark with Only Teardrops
"The favorite has won ... again!"
"Only 67 points difference between first and third place!"


Winner: Loreen from Sweden with Euphoria
"The favorite has won!"
"113 points (30%) difference between the first and the second place."

"The grannies from Russia made party for everybody until to the second place!!!!
And the host country Azerbaijan the 4th"

"The extremely screaming woman from Albania (Rona Nishliu) got the undescreamable 5th place!!!"
"Screamzilla vs Godzilla ... She would win!"

Germany: Roman Lob - `Standing Still`
"A handsome mainstream-cuddly-bard-song."
"I´m melting! I´m melting!"
"8th position."

Austria: Trackshittaz - `Woki mit deim Popo` (Shaking with your buttocks):
"A sexy fun-song!"
"I am woking with my Popo on sunshine, oh yeah ... ;-D"
"12 points for brave, because this is not a pure English song!!!"
+++Failed in the semi-final+++

Switzerland: Sinplus - `Unbreakable`
+++Failed in the semi-final+++


Winner: Ell & Nikki with `Running Scared` for Azerbaijan.
"Perfect performed love song!"

Germany `Taken by a Stranger` rank 10.
Austria `The Secret is Love` rank 18.
Switzerland `In Love for a While` rank 25/43.


Winner: Lena Meyer-Landrut with `Satellite` for Germany.