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Super Bowl LVIII
February 11, 2024
Kansas City Chiefs

Formula One World Champion 2023 with "Red Bull Racing - Honda RBPT":
Max Verstappen

Song Contest winner 2023:

Super Bowl LVII
February 12, 2023
Kansas City Chiefs

Men Football / Soccer Europe Championship / Cup 2022: Exklusive Ranking / Result

Formula One World Champion 2022 with "Red Bull":
Max Verstappen
+ Most wins in a season: 15
+ Most points in a season: 454

Women Football / Soccer Europe Championship / Cup 2021 / 2022: Exklusive Ranking / Result

2021 / 2022 Super Bowl LVI / 56 Winner: Los Angeles Rams

Formula One World Champion 2021 with "Red Bull Racing Honda"

Men Football / Soccer Europe Championship / Cup 2020: Exklusive Ranking / Result

TOM BRADY Superstar!
2021 Super Bowl LV (55) winner with "Tampa Bay Buccaneers" (31:9) + "Most Valuable Player"

#corona #covid #mask #protection #n95 #faceshield #healthcare #test

Trivago judgment in Australia!
Trivago does not show the cheapest hotels, but the ones from which Trivago receives the highest commissions!
Australian Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (ACCC).

adtech industry Out of Control

Apple buy recommendation:
XR 👍
11 Pro Max 👍
11 👎

420,000,000 / 420 million phone numbers on Facebook have been clearly visible!

The prices of an energy provider were WITHOUT taxes and dues!

Warning of Trojan FinSpy!

Women's Football World Cup 2019: Exclusive Ranking

36th Donauinselfest (Danube Island Festival), each year, June 21-23! It is the biggest free Europe's open air music festival in Vienna
Refugee robbed woman. Her boy-friend stopped the thief, but the thief almost killed the boy-friend!

26th Life Ball, 8 June 2019, theme was: "United in Diversity. Walking on the yellow brick road towards an end to AIDS."

Song Contest 2019

Cyclist is "in the way" of a transporter - dead!

1. try: Windows 10 1903 Update Error 0x800703fb screen black.
2. try: 1x 100% Installation + 2nd 100% Installation ... DONE!

DE: Relevant ex-offender is allowed to take care of children!
Consequence: Child abuse!
So brain dead stupid!

AT: Antibiotic-resistant germs in pork. Every third sample charged.

Man is cycling at night and torn by car - dead!

Austria: Booking at online travel agencies is often more expensive than directly with the airlines! Source: VKI

Online retailers must take back unpacked mattress within 14 days! ECJ Case C-681/17

Germany: Care gives 7-year-young child to unemployed single man who lives in garbage caravan: allegedly for 10 years 23 children abused including foster child!
Report of a father 2016 was inconclusive!
In the course of the investigation: 15 police officers under suspicion for child pornography and abuse!

Old woman buys collecting coins at around 21,000 Euro. Alleged material and mortgage value are under 1,000 Euro!

Super Bowl LIII winner New England Patriots

Europe: EU: What the hell?! New Year begins with the "slaughter" of defenseless women!
Refugee stabs pregnant! The unborn child dies! The woman just survives by emergency surgery!
Austria (where no date is, that happened in January 2019):
1. Refugee kicks and punches girls and threatens policeman with knife (Summer 2018)!
2. Refugee strangles girlfriend (Manuela K. 16 years young) in park!
3. Drug-Refugee kills sister with knife in station!
4. Local kills girlfriend with knife!
5. Fundamentalist kills, in front of the children, wife with 38 knife-stabs!
6. Refugee kills wife in parking area!
7. Vienna: drug-refugee injured policeman heavy (happened in November 2018 but was published in newspaper with mug shot in January 2019)!
8. (Dec 2018) Refugee kills with knife girlfriend (16 years young) in her room at home!

Eleon Musk Fake Twitter Account Bitcoin Fraud!

Car purchase: real oil consumption WRONG: EU does NOTHING!

4 tourists ski into blocked area with theirs avalanche airbags and die.

Profit greed: Medicines sold out!

EU: Austria: T-Mobile promotes with up to 300 Mbit/s, but guaranteed in the terms and conditions only 2 Mbit/s!

Schoolchild hacks accounts of German politicians.

Cars with swarm intelligence.

1.) Man dies in front of hospital. Receptionist said: "Our doctors are not allowed to leave the hospital!"
2.) Brutal mafia murder in Vienna's city center!
Happened in Europe EU Austria Vienna

No police protection for witness in drug process, so she was executed in Salzburg / Austria!

British Airways almost killed with its A380 our Terminator!

Germany Terror: Steel cable over railway line! No victims!

USA: 11 year young boy shoots his grandmother in the back of the head.

Truant rushed by officials to their death!

recommendation to buy: Apple iPhone XR

On Google, don't take one of the first offered companies without checking reviews, how long the company already exists and whether this company is near you!

Luxury goods are burned to keep prices high. This measure of some greedy, reckless companies causes great damage to the general public.

EU: Hate posting: woman must be behind bars for 3 years!

Worldwide patent: crude oil from plastic waste!

Modern slavery: cook had to work 79 hours a week!

World Football Soccer Championship Cup Men 2018 Result

Eurovision Song Contest 2018 Result

ZSAM.org Twitter: Kim Jong-un best Actor and Peace Maker

It seems, that Austria does not have money to remove a large swastika from a castle.
6 million dead Jews turn around in their grave, if that's true!

Netflix does not verify email address and Gmail ignores points in the email address!

Vienna: 10 refugees hit out soldiers tooth and rob his cell phone and military bag!

Paris: Young Muslim slaughters 85-year-old Holocaust survivor!

Don't turn around, the data theft is going around? :-D
Effective counterfeiting management in dealing with social networks seems to gain more and more importance especially in recent times ...
For example: Never specify your real date of birth!

Super Bowl LII (52) Winner: Philadelphia Eagles (for the first time)

Fujitsu is a good PC brand that I trust. Unfortunately they do not have the ATX power supply standard connector with 20/24 pin, but with 16! Pin! Who needs a new power supply, must also buy a new motherboard! :-(

January 2018 in Vienna: taxi driver rapes young girls!

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Road safety: children, even WITH parents, are excluded from the trust principle!

That was 2016:
"Petroleum in care products,
AIDS Ebola Zika,
new Contergan scandal, ..."

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