2012, Maya, calender, doomsday, the end of the world

In 2012 is a special constellation of our planetary system. This brings more solar flare. 2011 we got already a foretaste (watch archive).

The calendar of the Maya ends 2012. Maybe the Maya died before they were continuing the calendar, also intruders wanted their gold.

Current, they found a calendar beyond 2012!!!

2012 is an intercalary year. If 2012 brings the end of all human being, fortunately we have one day more!!!

We see us 2013 ... or not ...

No matter if we die 2012, or not. 2013 all is over: The whole World, or just plain the hysteria and profiteering :-D

I prophesy: When you ask a scryer, I scry you one undeniable fact: you will have to fork money out for that scrying! ;-)

Viewed astronomically, the sun may get climax in 2012! This is just a prelude!
(Solar-flare 2011)

Very funny video about the end of the world (in German):
Der Letzte Sommer / The Last Summer (YouTube) :-D
(not from us!)