1000,- Euro

Don't respond to the bully! He just obtained more power over you!
Gather evidence: photos, e-mails, "Print Screen" ...
Explore to an adult.
Go to police!
Bullying isn't a cavalier offense. The bullying can end in murder! Or they drive you to suicide!

If you get no help, don't go to school. Go on strike, talking and doing nothing anymore! If the police want to take you to school, then lie down flat on the floor, always and everywhere. But don't run away, or they can't help you!!!
If you're older, then go to the police, or to the department and lie down there to strike!
Although they say, that the arrogance and ignorance, as it has happened in the Third Reich, shall never happen again, but at the same time they don't help people because there is no money anymore ... went to the banks and speculators! People are no longer regarded as human beings, people are only viewed as numbers. People becomes as a commodity, as a cost factor which must be kept as low as possible!
Example: "An old woman was all at once the house rent doubled. She killed herself!!!"