Frequently Asked Questions

What is the intention of this homepage?
+ The world shaping positively.
+ Independent informations.
+ We receive no money and no funding. We are independent. More independent than some TV-channels or newspapers!
+ Non-Profit-Help-Organisation.
+ By, with and for people with disability ... and of course for the "normals" too.
+ Trying to shaping of responsible-minded public opinion.

Why is everything free?
+ You have to distinguish. Because, there are already more than enough from the others.
How boring if everyone always wants only money!

Why I should visit the SPECIAL OLYMPICS?
+ To cheer people, which are going higher and wider then some average persons, which are sitting lazy at home and crying, that they don`t have a big and expensive car.

Why this homepage looks like made by a rookie?
+ The focus is on the content.

Is this the Mona Lisa? She looks like half-eaten and already spat out!
+ Sorry, but for reason of the data protection regulations the identity of this person may not be published.

Why you have been taken out everything of responsibility in your Disclaimer? You are so asocial! You do not worry about the many poor lawyers!!!
+ Yes, mea culpa. But therefore I donate to aid agencies like SOS-Childrens-Villages and Red Cross.

You are so funny. May I hire you for a party? Would you like to be paid in Euro, or Dollar?
+ Sorry, but filth like "hire" is not my business ;-)
Neither Dollar nor Euro. The hardest currency for me is friendship!

Are my data safe with you?
+ Most private data are either stolen by Hackers, or copied and resold by employees. Or even more ugly: the companies sell your information. With these methods at your costs, I will have nothing to do. So, my system will be set up, you can register without giving sensitive data.

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What is ZSAM meaning?
ZSAM is a short version of z'samm, which is a dialect and stands for TOGETHER. For example: "unsa Hoarz wochst zsam" = "our heart is coming together".
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