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Suicide is:
The result of an always recurring pain that will not come to an end.

Don't commit suicide! They, who don't help you, shall do it! They shall have your blood at their hands!!!

Video against
humiliation and exclusion !!!
youtube video against humilation

You can't fall asleep and sleep through the night, you can't get out of bed and you are tired the whole day, everything is moving very fast too much to you? Then tell exactly that to the doctors until you receive the right help!

"You are victim of the genes and living situation!"

"They can take our dignity, but never our honor!"

"God sends you always back, so long as you have power in you to do your destiny!"
"God forgets no one!"

"The meaning of life is to fight for life.
Realy Stupid!"
"Or just enjoying the life."
"We need changes, we can't enjoy the life. Without this drive, we would still be living in caves!"
"Life is like a video game: run, jump, collect medipack ...
See you in the next Level! :-) "

Are you overwhelmed, then say STOP!!!
Talk no more!
Stop doing anything!
Get energy again!
Talk to professionals! The support and the medications become better and better!
By permanent stress, your brain can take less serotonin. By taking antidepressants, you can regulate it! [FOR EXAMPLE Trazodon to fall asleep and Duloxetin for the day - "The most drugs were too intense to me, but with this both, it's better for me. But everyone reacts differently!"]
The sooner, the better chances of recovery!

circle of insomnia, overload, fear, depression, burnout, pain, sick of life
circle of sleep, medicament, life, medicament

Pain, such as in the back, stomach, caused by the psyche, can be remedied by psychotropic drugs.

Pain in the stomach and back? Sick as in a flu? Tears while eating?
Let you make a gastroscopy!

In the near future, a blood test will detect whether a person has too less serotonin and thereby suffers from depression!

Caffeine, sugar, porn, alcohol, hopeful daydreams, thinking about the past and the future.

Every day at least 3 pushups and 15 minutes of walk.

Head up! Chest out! See people in their eyes and say friendly hello [to women] when they see in your eyes!
What are you afraid? Not the death, when you think about suicide!!! Isn't it?!
What is harder than death? Nothing!
Most people fear the death!
The death is your best friend. Use this power ... for you ... for the good ... not for the bad, because you are better than them!

I'm always so helpful, but I get almost nothing back.
But luckily I have you!
We understand each other!
We stick together!

Peaches Geldof: pay attention to your heart, that it will not break.

.) A young person writes, "This life is so heavy, I finish it!"
Why can't help a friend, who knows this person in real life?
1.) Facebook publish this message on the end of all messages.
2.) Virtual friends copy to much third-party content from the Web, so this message slides down to "more posts".
3) Friends have so much [unknown] friends, so they have no time to look directly at the profiles of the true friends.

Don't make me suicide! Don't kill me!
Many young people take their own life, because they were bullied. A better enlightenment is urgently required!!!

Who am I?
Where is my place in the society?
What is my destiny?

This picture shows a question mark

You want to die?
So, you have beaten the biggest fear in the humankind !!!!!
The fear of the death.

You want to kill yourself, without hurting others?
So, you are better than all murderers of the whole world !!!!!

Before I kill defenseless, innocent people (children), because I have not a satisfactory (sexual) life, because I am only embittered and full of hate, I will kill myself. Because I still possess so much honor.

"I" stands for individual.
But under pressure from inside and outside it starts a deformation into an "O"
But one day, by the deformation, the big, strong "I" breaks into two small "i" "i" parts.
But we need each single creative "I" to form our future and to support the social responsibility against the stupidity, greed and ruthlessness!
Don`t let yourself bend! We need you!!! We do not need much more "O"s!!!
Say stop to them who want to bend you, if it kills you. It is their duty to help you! Or they become murderers!

Dr. Banner said, before he has been transformed into the hulk: "Don`t make me angry!"
We say: "Don`t make me suicidal!"

You have it better than God!
You are kidding me!?!
I don`t know, but think about that fact:
+++ You are on earth, God not +++
God formed this world. But God is not here anymore.
But you're still here!
Fill up the world with your creativity!!!
It is a privileged job for some few chosen. Don`t give up this chance too fast!!!

Believe in your inner strength!
It is more powerful, than you think!

Inspire yourself, others and receive inspiration: Ode & ZSAM.org
Even with a low budget project: Flexophony 2
Leave your ideas, your creativity, so that we fall into despair, what we have lost with you!

Please, donĀ“t go without a smile: Martin, fun, cats

Drink a glass of water each hour. After awakening try to drink 3 glasses within 90 minutes. This is a good basis!

Believe in Jesus !!!

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Are you one of the last Samurai ?!?

You are still here ?
Very good !!
Every day at 6 p.m. in your local time we let unite our mind.
That produces more power than all power plants on earth.
Some of us produce an overflow, which can use another one.
Be a part of this, even you visited this side just for studying.
Thanks and good luck !!!

We need you to bring back love to the people.

And also we need you for world record competition.

What is the difference between you and a bully?
There is no!
He has also just shit in his intestine!!!
He has no gold inside!

Natascha Kampusch

Thank You very much!
All the Best for You!